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KDJ's Scanner Frequency Lists, etc..

Charlotte Scanner Live: [ RealAudio / WindowsMedia / Streamed MP3 ]
KDJ's Frequency Lists & Info

VHF/UHF SWL Frequency Tables

Mecklenburg 800 MHz. SMRS

Cabarrus 800 MHz. SMRS

(Tips for scanning 800 MHz. trunked systems)

And here's a surprise... the Rowan County Emergency Services page has listings of every assigned frequency from low-band VHF thru EHF for most counties in Metrolina! Definitely worth a look.

Other Sources...

FCC Database Lookups

Long Island Scanning Resources

Southeastern Pennsylvania Scanner Page

ScanWare Associates


NF2G Scannist Pages (New York / Ontario)

KF4LHP Homepage (Chattanooga, TN.)

More to come!

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