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Piedmont Emergency Training Net
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A directed net, dedicated to training and instruction in all aspects of public service / emergency / disaster communications, and directed net procedures. The net meets daily at 8:00 PM ET.

If you would like to be an alternate net control station, please send e-mail to Greg. If you have comments on the web page, please send e-mail to Ken.

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Warnings: (1) they want your real email address and DOB! (2) requires COOKIES enabled! Contact Greg if you prefer to be "invited" and pre-registered.

(Found an old copy of the Emerald City News (the old Net Newsletter)... get your copy here....)

Primary Repeater: 145.35 on Ch46 tower near Dallas, Gaston County, NC

Backup Repeater: 145.23 on Spencer Mt. near Ranlo, Gaston County, NC

Regular Net Control Stations
Name / E-MailCall / WebPacket Check-inMailbox
Monday Vincent KG4GRO
Tuesday Bruce N4VVX
Wednesday Greg WB4HRR (coming soon!)
Thursday Cheryl KG4JFX
Friday Skip KG4MGX
Saturday Ken KC4YOZ APRS. KC4YOZ

Alternate Net Control Stations
Name / E-MailCall / PagePacket Check-inMailbox
David AG4WC
Bradley NC4HI
Elaine KE4YYJ

If you would like to be an alternate net control station, please send e-mail to Greg.

Packet Check-in

Some Net Control Stations conduct digital check-in on their assigned net nights. Hours vary, but usually run between 6:00 and 9:00 PM LT. Packet check-in may be temporarily suspended during the voice net.

There are several different ways to check in on packet radio. Sometimes you connect to the station using the indicated mailbox callsign, and sometimes you connect to the indicated PBBS and leave mail for that station.

145.05 - Connect to mailboxes on the Charlotte LAN using node "CLT" or digipeater "PARS". From another LAN frequency, connect to your local node, connect to "CLT", then connect to the mailbox.

APRS - Send a message to the station. You should get a confirmation message back. The APRS method should be available all day long and whenever the NCS is on APRS.

SKYWARN: Charlotte Area Skywarn Page
ARES: North Carolina ARES Page Mecklenburg County ARES
Gaston County ARES Wake County ARES
Local Nets: Shelby SARCnet
Ham Interests: Metrolina UHF Group
YOZ-Man's Stuff Ham Page Weather Page

Thanx for stopping by!

Net Manager: Greg Sellers, WB4HRR, Charlotte Area SKYWARN Coordinator

Your Webmaster: Ken Johnson, KC4YOZ.

Updated: 2003/09/06 16.32